Monday, April 30, 2007

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By Wayne Woods

Wayne, Pennsylvania - Advanced Internet, a division of Advanced Telecom Services, announces the introduction of new web site that specializes in delivering MP3 ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and wallpapers to cellular phones.

MP3 ringtones, the newest option in the ringtone industry, are usually ordered from a web site and then delivered via a WAP push link to the cell phone. The difference is in the sound that is made by the cell phone when a call is received.

MonsterToness Bob Bentz explained that with MP3 ringtones, an actual voice or song with lyrics plays on the cell phone. This is an upgrade from polyphonic ringtones that sound like an orchestra playing the song or the older monophonic ringtones that sound like a pianist playing with one finger.

Now, for a limited time, you can test your phone and receive a free MP3 ringtone or polyphonic ringtone by visiting Mike Lieberman, marketing manager of, would not reveal the content of the free MP3 ringtone. 'Its reminiscent of one of the most famous monsters of all time,' hinted Lieberman. 'And thats good enough for me.'

MonsterTones MP3 ringtone library currently consists of comedic impressions, sexy voice tone greetings, sound effects, and music. 'Record labels are just starting to recognize the importance of the MP3 ringtone industry and are anxious to move into it,' said Eric Deininger, product manager for 'We suspect many more artists will soon be licensing their music content for ringtone production.'

According to Consect, mobile phone ringtone sales will ring up $4 billion in worldwide sales and $300 million in domestic sales in 2004. Advanced Internet has been ringing cell phones in North America since 2001 when it debuted with its web site. Advanced Internet is a division of Advanced Telecom Services and has offices in Philadelphia, Vancouver, London, Dublin, and Prague.

Wayne Woods